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On this page you’ll find the installation instructions for the three types of wallpaper we sell. These installations differ by media type. The wall preparation, however, is the same.

Wall Preparation

Without good wall preparation before wallpaper installation, the best results can’t be obtained.

First, the wall needs to be clean, dry and free of blemishes. Any cracked or chipped paint must first be removed. Defects, cracks, holes and voids must be filled and sanded smooth.

A good idea is to apply a coat or two of paint over any wall filler, drywall compound, or fresh drywall. We strongly recommend an interior-grade primer and second coat of latex paint. We recommend waiting at least 48 hours after the last application of paint before you apply any wall covering. This allows the paint to sufficiently cure and outgas any moisture, which can react with the wallpaper paste or adhesive.

The wallpaper and drywall industries use one through five to categorize grades of wall, one being the lowest, five being the best. We recommend a grade 4 or 5 for any wallpaper installation.

Installation instructions

While there are many ways to install the products we sell, we’ll give you some recommendations for the different materials, and instructions on how to perform an amazing installation. Some basics:

Walls need to be clean and free of any dust, or oils of any kind.

Abnormalities, or textures in the wall surfaces, can show through installed wall graphics. In some cases, you might need to sand and repaint walls for a first-class install.

Monadnock 148-gram Pre-Pasted Paper Wallpaper

Installation information and instructions - click here:  INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

Suede Textured 20-ounce Vinyl Wallpaper

This material requires a commercial vinyl wallpaper paste that can be easily purchased at your local hardware store. Instructions vary between different manufacturers of paste. Please read the instructions carefully. There are many videos available on the installation of wallpaper with paste. Meets ASTM E-84-03 standards for Class A, Type II wallcoverings.

This one happens to be a favorite: (Video) Install Wallpaper with Paste

Wall Textile 6-mil White Polycoated Fabric with Removable Adhesive

As the name implies, this product does not need adhesive; it is simply a large peel-and-stick application. This material is extremely easy to work with. There are many how-to videos available on the installation of this wallpaper.

Here’s one that we like: (Video) How to Install Temporary Wallpaper